Saturday, January 7, 2017

Typical Family Vacation NOT (Part 2)

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11:45AM: Came to the free hot-springs baths located in the open air at the foot of a gushing river.
There weren't that many people and the upper bath didn't have anybody dipping their feet. I got all excited (my first ever experience in a hot-spring), took off shoes and literally jumped in. Well, there is a reason why nobody was bathing. IT WAS FREAKING BOILING!
I anticipated the fact it will be hot, but that was way more than I expected. Hot-springs Tip: taking a 42 degrees Celsius bath (or possibly more) in a 35 degrees Celsius summer heat is not always a good idea.
I managed to keep my legs in the water though. Hot-springs got all those minerals and good stuff in it and hey it's free! So, I held. For the sake of my future beauty.
Then my husband chimes in, informing me that several years ago several famous locations were busted for using regular heated tap water and claiming it's hot-springs. And that many establishment might still be tricking people. Thanks, hubby.

12:10 PM: Saw an ice-cream kiosk. Hurray! Almost bought an ice-cream to chill myself from the hot water and then realized it's not just a vanilla ice-cream. It's a vanilla ice-cream...topped with a generous chunk of WASABI. Like, who eats such stuff?? (Japanese.)

12:14 PM: Our main destination in that area was the bamboo forest that every review said is absolutely beautiful. We had to hurry because our bus to the hotel leaves at 2pm and that's the only bus. If we miss it we are screwed.

12:15 PM: We all felt really hungry. Dear Husband managed to find an overpriced pizza café on the way to the bamboo forest with available seats so that became our choice. Dear Husband is a super penny wise guy. Since the pizza cost like the entire meal for 2 he decided to just order that one pizza and share it. That was a really small pizza. Japan is known for tiny dishes and that was a good example. Dear Husband didn't care.

1:00 PM: One hour to the bus and 15 minutes walk to the bamboo forest. We went out of the café. Dear Husband was hungry. I was hungry. Meanwhile my younger son oversucked on breastmilk. How do I know it? Because when Dear Husband carried my older son on one side and my younger son on the other, the younger son suddenly vomited on them the equivalent of probably one liter.
The puke shot my husband across the chest and hit directly in my older son's face. Of course it also went to the shirt, pants, shoes. Everybody except me got a generous splash of vomit and I stood there laughing like a hyena.

1:30 PM: Half hour left to the bus and only 10 min to the bamboo forest. It took us 30min to clean up and change clothes. Yes, we had to change the kids' clothes in the middle of the street because  there weren't really any other place. Husband changed his shirt in the open, too. However, no matter how much I scrubbed the shoes with non-alcohol butt wipes, the strong acidic vomit smell stayed. Poor bus passengers, I thought to myself. It's not fun to smell vomit for over one hour bus ride.

1:35 PM: My husband picked up my older son (my kids really love to be carried by dad). Darling only managed to take several steps in his new clean shirt and....My older son peed his pants. He is potty trained, but our trip wouldn't be so adventurous if out of all the days he didn't have pee accident when we are only 25 minutes away from the bus time and five minutes away from the so sought-after bamboo forest.
My husband had to change his shirt again to the last shirt he packed. I again LOLed like a hyena only that this time my face twitched more and I wanted to pull my hairs out from frustration.

1:45 PM: Huffing and puffing we reached the bamboo forest! Yay! I was never so happier to discover something with such "grand" sounding name to be so small. It was a tiny garden really. Probably a size of a very large room. In the center there was the sitting area and it was surrounded by tall bamboos. You could lean back on the seat and look at the beautiful blue sky and the tips of the bamboos trying to touch the clouds. So peaceful. So quiet. We took a deep breath, relaxed for exactly three minutes and dashed to the bus stop.

1:58 PM: Managed to get to the bus stop on time.

2 PM: One second before the bus arrived my older son fell asleep in the stroller, which meant that now the stroller cannot be folded. Husband managed to raise the stroller the few steps inside the bus, then the stroller got stuck between the seats in the middle of the narrow bus passage. I told husband to just pick up the son and fold the stroller but the bus already started moving and fiddling further would just make the matter worse. It was an embarrassing one hour.

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