Friday, November 11, 2016

Food For Millionaires OR How To Survive On 2$ Per One Apple , 1$ Per One Small Tomato...

I got a pen, I got an apple...uh! One apple cost more than my pen! Pen-pineapple-apple-pen. LOL.

The good part about Japanese supermarkets culture is that about two hours before the closing time they start discounting expiring foods up to 50%. You can read my post on how to save big (aka not starve) doing food shopping in Japan here.

The bad part though, the one that had me most culture-shocked, is how expensive veggies and fruits are. I come from a country where 2$ could get you one kg of apples, not just one single apple.
Before we start our tour, here is some basic info:

* I'm taking you through a typical supermarket of a big chain. This supermarket caters low to mid range income population.

* The supermarket is in a residential downtown type of area of Tokyo, Japan.

* In Tokyo, a salary of the middle class is 4~5 million yen per year. Salaries are taxed at about 30%. And on top of that there are all sorts of other deductions occurring before the final cash amount reaches the person (labor union membership, health care, pensions, etc).

* 100 Japanese yen is approx. 1 USA dollar.

Now, armed with the above information, let's proceed to the tour!

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