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Review : Free Japanese Fashion Magazine : Voi by OIOI

Free Japanese Fashion Magazine
Free Japanese Fashion Magazine

I admit I own several purchased Japanese fashion magazines, but I stopped buying any new ones for a long, long time.
Japanese fashion magazines that focus exclusively on fashion (and not lifestyle/relationships/general) have only few actual articles and even fewer (in my opinion) valuable advises. Plus, those magazines cost about 500yen. So why buy magazines that look like catalogs when you can get quality catalogs that look like magazines?

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Japan has several major thick fashion catalogs that just lie for free in supermarkets in the general magazines' corner. You won't confuse them with the paid ones because they have a big 0yen sign at the place where the price is usually written.

Basically, the reason those magazine-like-catalogs (i.e thick, great quality paper, shiny, attractive, featuring variety of brands, etc) are selling for free is because they are published by companies that have online store business and hope that the buyer will buy the listed items from their site. You on the other hand, can very well use those catalog for reference; get updated with the latest trends, check out your favorite brand's new clothing lines, use the prices as a reference to compare it with the actual store/other sales, etc. 

This review is about the free magazine called Voi.

To the best of my knowledge, Voi - a thick magazine available in two versions; one for women's fashion and one for men's, is distributed for free at OIOI department stores (which are responsible for its publishing), however, I've seen a paid version of the exact same magazine, sold in 7-11 convenience store (and probably other stores, too) for 400yen!
I didn't compare the paid version with the free one page by page, but the cover and many of the pages inside were completely identical. My only guess to why they sell it is that some people are not living close enough to OIOI's chain stores...or prefer the printed version over the online version, which is also available for free here:

So, why I like Voi?

They feature  veriety of brands (such as, 23区, ASICS, a.v.v, etc) focusing on elegant, feminine, casual, sportive and business styles and target women and men in mid 20s to 40s. The price ranges around hundred dollars per tops and skirts and can go as high as a thousand dollars for coats and evening dresses. The brands featured in the magazine are not exclusive to OIOI and are sold through many other stores both offline and online. If you are frugal like me, I recommend aiming sales, which allow you to purchase the same items with as much as 95% discount! (more on that later.)

One more amazing part about the magazine Voi is that it features pretty big sizes.

Some clothes go up to the size of L7, which except the recently started paid magazine La Farfa you probably wont find featured anywhere else in Japan.

Voi free magazine- catalog. Female and male versions:

Free Japanese Fashion Magazine
Free Japanese Fashion Magazine for Women

Free Japanese Fashion Magazine For Men
Free Japanese Fashion Magazine For Men

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