Sunday, August 2, 2015

Free & Child-Friendly Ballet Performance in Tokyo

Going to a ballet performance has always felt something very luxurious. A rich in culture night out where well-dressed people gather to admire high class art.
Such pleasure usually doesn't come cheap, let along free....or does it?

Tokyo Union Church, which is located near Omotesando station in Tokyo, holds a yearly FREE ballet performances by professional ballet dancers. And if that alone isn't good enough, how about the part where children of all ages, including babies, are welcome?
Oh, and did I already mention the free welcome snacks and drinks?

I attended the performance, which was held in summer 2015 and was very, very pleased!
Not only that the dancing and the dresses were absolutely gorgeous, the place was totally kids and babies friendly!!! <--- something that you really get to appreciate once you become a parent as many events/places become off limit (especially when it comes to arts and culture).

The kids were welcome to sit on the floor on the very front to get the best view, the music was set to its perfect volume: not too loud (my toddler happened to be napping in the first one hour and the music volume didn't bother him). Oh and the kids loved indulging themselves in the snacks and drinks.

The performance lasted about one and a half hour, which is the right amount of time to have the parents enjoy and the kids not getting bored.
And I can't help but repeat myself that everything, absolutely everything, was for free! How awesome!

I am really looking forward for the next time!

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