Thursday, May 14, 2015

How To Buy New Books With Up To 90% OFF

 I am a bargain shopaholic. Whether it's clothes, food, travel....I like every purchase to be originally expensive but dirt cheap upon the time I buy it lol,
I have been blogging (here and at my other blog) how and where  it's possible to get items with up to 90% discounts (aka live like rich while not really being one, hehe)  and this time I wanna share my secret on purchasing books,because you know, even books must come cheap(er)  for this girl.  ;P

Because of a law, Japanese books in Japan cannot be discounted, however it's different for foreign books and Japanese translated books/manga.

* Tower Records in shibuya holds occasional sales of up to 90% off. Cooking books, novels, nonfictions, comics... Most are top selling authors! All going for 100yen or less than a dollar for brand new books! Ohhh and the magazines! Imported magazines are crazily expensive in Japan (aka 3 euro somehow turns to 20bucks!) but during those sales many go down for the lovely 100yen mark (although,  it just applies to back numbers, which personally I don't mind).
The sale dates are irregular but happen many times a year so either check with them yourself or just visit the store once in a while.

* 2 other great places, where discounts are up to 50% off, with permanent monthly discount of 20% for "books of the month", are the two kinokuniya shops in shinjuku.
The big "50% off" sales are irregular and are announced on their facebook page and official website. Mostly it's held during the summer thouguh, so please keep that in mind!

* The massive bookstore at Tokyu department store in Shibuya (the one connected to Bunkamura museum) has a regular section of discounted English books, in the English book corner. They have books for both adults and children.

* Aoyama Book Center in Roppongi occasionally puts out different paperbacks (mostly love stories, but also some joke books and business books) for a sale of 200yen per a book!

* Yaesu Bookstore near Tokyo Station has permanent section of  "outlet foreign books" on the foreign books' floor.  Price ranges anywhere from 1000yen per books with original price of over 4,000yen and (if the book is somewhat harmed, like the cover is a bit off or something) the price goes down as low as 200yen.


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