Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Dress Like A Princess Out Of A Fairytale: My Favorite Japanese Fashion brand: Axes Femme

Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme Review
The latest in the fashion - Japanese fashion brand Axes Femme 

I'd like to introduce one of my most favorite Japanese fashion brands, called Axes Femme .
I guess it isn't as wide spread as some other Japanese brands targeting vintage/very feminine/lolita-ish/not casual fashion (even though the style is something you would rather see in Shibuya's 109 or Harajuku, the company has no shops there).
But anyway, it managed to capture my heart and I'm completely hooked!

The prices for its items can range from 3,000yen for simple inner shirts and above 10,000yen for dresses and coats, though I must admit for those of you who love that kind of style it must be one of the cheapest brands in the field.

My secret of getting their beautiful items at large discount is basically trying to time my shopping with their shops' renewal. Yes, I know I know, most of us aren't crazy enough to wait so long and check repeatedly every shop...but if you happen to come around a shop's renewal time you can get great items with around 90% off.
Otherwise, they have their regular sales, which not only happen in January (which is commonly the heavy discount season all over Japan) and the discounts offered are up to 70% off.

You can  also get discounts by becoming their member, and collecting points through purchases. Those points are later exchanged to money (discount on your next purchase). 

Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme
Example 1 of Axes Femme dresses!  Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme!

Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme
Example 2 of Axes Femme dresses! Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme

Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme
Example 3 of Axes Femme dresses! Wear Like A Princess with Japanese Fashion Brand Axes Femme


  1. Hello! I came across your blog by chance, from some lonely in Japan blog post on someone else`s and I live in Japan and have a Japanese husband as well. And Axes Femme is my favorite brand as well! You can also get Axes Femme secondhand at secondhand shops and on yahoo auction and mbok, and sometimes you can get the clothes cheaper secondhand, or some clothes you regret not buying that are already passed through the store/no longer for sale/sold out. I notice your blog has not been updated in a couple months so not sure if you will see my comment lol.

    1. Thank you for your comment and the shopping tip! Indeed it has been a while since I last checked my blog and that's why my reply to your comment is also late. Sorry!
      I'm really happy to hear there is a fellow married to Japanese who also likes axes femme! I actually don't know anybody who likes it as my friends are more into international brands, like zara, forever 21...
      What other brands do you like??
      Hope you see my reply, hehe!

    2. Don't know if you will check this blog again (its been since 2017). Somehow by chance I came across this blog and my comment from 3 years ago, at first I didn't recognize it was my comment and I was like this person sounds like me, oh wait...that is me that wrote that :D And I still love Axes Femme years later. yeah I don't know anyone who likes Axes Femme, most foreigners who buy Japanese fashion brands tend to like the more younger girl styles like LizLisa and Larme kei brands. Axes Femme seems to only be known by Japanese in Japan because most major malls have an Axes Femme in them so there are many locations of the store so its common to Japan but is not talked about in English or other languages. I tend to like longer length skirts and dresses and like more jewel toned antique style clothes, and mori girl/natural kei and dolly kei sort of stuff and Axes Femme has more of that jewel toned stuff and comes out with lots of longer lengthed stuff. Maybe I should start blogging again about my purchases from Axes Femme its been along time for me to update my wordpress blog. Other brands I like are SM2 Keitto/Samansa mos 2 blue, Par Avion, Franche Lippe, and Ehka Sopo, how about you do you have any other brands you like?

  2. So awesome to see more people who know and like Axes Femme *_* One of my fav brands too <3


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