Thursday, June 26, 2014

Husband Development Update At 33 Years Old

Moms always make those "baby growth development updates", so I thought why not making one for husbands, too? After all, there aren't many differences, right?? Right??

Husband Development Update ( 33 Years ):

1) Sleeping Milestone:
At this age I would expect him to already let me sleep through the night. Wrong.
He still wakes me up every few hours (sometimes every few minutes) with snores that MELT MY BRAIN DOWN. So now I'm having half of the night sleepless due to the baby and half of the night sleepless thanks to the husband. I know violence is not the answer, but I think I'm starting to develop Postmarriage syndrome. It's just like Postpartum syndrome, but because last time I checked I didn't give birth to DH, I have to change the name to "Postmarriage". I believe I should receive a Nobel Prize for my discovery.
I'm not into chemically produced medicines and the only "organic" cure I came up with is to send both my babies to the living room where they can snore and cry at each other all they want. Sadly this doesn't work every time as my husband's snores beat the baby's cries and I end up coming to the living room anyway to feed my 1 year old and kick my 33 year old.

2) Self-feeding milestone:
I've heard it takes some time until the baby learns to feed himself without having food fall on his clothes, table, chair and floor...But I didn't think it takes 33 years and counting! I already complained about this in my previous post, tho. Same thing applies to not cleaning own mess, throw things to the floor and the so logical expectation that mommy will pick up everything.
Well, mommy decided to send a big F U and lower herself to your level. Let's see who can tolerate longer (probably husband wins T_T).

3) Potty-training milestone:
I've always felt extremely proud that my husband shoots right to the target (aka directly into the toilet's hole and not around it like some of the guys).  So, you can imagine my shock today when I saw a completely filled up DIAPER resting on top of HIS recently worn sports pants. I'd like to think it's my 1y/o baby's diaper that he forgot to throw...but who knows....he got red blush when I comforted about my finding... >_<


  1. That must be your baby boy's photo? Soooo cute! And your husband's "diaper" is very mysterious sounding to me. I don't think he needs it already??!!
    Sorry about his snoring. I would hate it! My mom (sorry mom) snores and I couldn't take it when I shared a bed with her I had to wear earplugs. I wonder if you have tried them? They actually work pretty well if you insert them well!

    1. Hahaha! Poor you!!
      Actually, he suggested me to wear them but I deny because in my logic he is the one who should do something about his snoring! He snores - he sleeps on the sofa!


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