Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Big Katsu A.K.A Deep Fried Cutlet Snack That Will Shock Your Mouth

Big Katsu or The Fried Cutlet Snack Shocking Japanese Food
Big Katsu A.K.A Big Cutlet Snack for kids in Japan
After a long time of postponing, today I finally tried the Japanese snack called Big Katsu (translation: big cutlet). This is one of those cheap snacks that many Japanese kids are totally crazy about! For real!
Forget the flavored potato chip and popcorn - Big in Japan Big Katsu is in da house yo!

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With looking somewhat run-over-by-truck-flat-smashed-cutlet, massively covered with something that could be tempura flakes, it did taste like a deep-fried pork in crumbs.

Add to it a generous slice of radish soaked in pink artificial coloring, a dried squid, wash it all down with a bubbly neon green drink that says to taste like melon soda with ice cream - and you got yourself a meal!

Dried Squid Snack For Kids in Japan
Dried Squid - A favorite snack for kids and adults in Japan.

I know it sounds like I'm joking, but I'm not. While Japanese kids don't have the said above as actual meals (I hope!), they do LOVE their soaked radishes and dried squids and deep-fried cutlet snacks just as much, if not more, as western kids love to munch on chocolates. 

My ratings:
Taste matches expectations, judging by the package: 10/10★
Healthy: Questionable/10★
Describe the food in three words: SHOCKING. TRY IT.

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